Convoluted Poem

Tonight was supposed to be the last time

I wrote about last year’s negatives,

but as “Calling on You” plays, it is a sedative

that fils my core of feelings that are only positive.

You know that twisted knot in your chest,

actually no that would require an ER visit.

Seriously, if a tight feeling is there you may need a doctor. May.


Anyways, as Jon B plays in the background

I felt an urge to describe love;

you know that feeling of talking to someone you like,

then, in that instant, the rest of the world dissipates?

Talking to her, that is my definition of bliss…

while also feeling like I am free falling without a parachute.

When we hug goodbye though, for a moment I learn how to fly.


I need to focus, gather my thoughts once again.

She would be one distraction I would not mind though.

Warm summer nights like these are those you wish for company.

Trying to achieve one’s goals can be difficult.

When we are young, we are told to dream,

yet we are never told to fully wake up.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve overslept.


As Drake’s “Cameras/Good Ones Go” cycles next on YouTube,

I realize that it is natural to feel these emotions all at once.

That is what makes us human–or something cliche like that.

However, I realize something more.

When my hand glides along the

black and white spaces of my notebook,

my mind becomes less convoluted.


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