At Lunch

Got some inspiration eating today. ‘Twas fun


No black and white but I feel so official

eating a wheat bread sandwich filled

with Boar’s Head meat and kettle chips.

Not only that, but it is a front row seat

to study the most interesting specimen—people.


To my left sits someone my age

having his very first job interview.

I want that one day—but to be a doctor

my soul will have to be sold this year-

just to apply mind you. Retail for now will do.


His light blue button up is beginning to be riddled

with some dark stains when he lifts his arms

around twenty degrees parallel to the table.

I have some Old Spice in my bag, but it is aqua reef

and right now I’m sure he has enough of that.


To my right is a mother and her baby eating.

Oh how wonderful it must to be not worry

about where your next meal will come.

Mine is in front of me but I cannot help to

think what will be on tonight’s menu. Maybe pasta.


Across from me is a couple in their thirties arguing about

how some people can forget their orders. It is not hard

the burly one exclaims while his wife attempts to calm him.

When you have a lunch rush and have not eaten in hours

then hearing explicit details can be a little more difficult.


All these different personalities and scenarios

laid out before me like a humanistic blueprint.

Each one a piece that makes up what it means to be

an adult. I’m 23, shouldn’t I be having some of those

experiences? Should someone be sitting across from me?


My hands should be sweaty and filled with cortisol starting

at nine in the morning to five in the afternoon.

I should be thinking of what my future child should be named.

But that is too soon for me. I have other things in mind.

Like how good this turkey sandwich is about to be inside.


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