After the Storm

Almost forgot to write a piece for the tenth. Managed to crank it out before I pass out. 
After the Storm
At the beginning we used to be like a Sunday morning.

Breakfast on the stove and I’d call you darling. 

The way your hair moved when you walked

could mesmerize anyone who crossed our block. 

In a matter of seconds we could talk about books

Amongst crass jokes and the latest show that had us both hooked.

Little did I know that I was taking the bait,

Falling prey to your tactics thinking we were great.
Once the season shifted it wasn’t just leaves that changed,

Our lives took different paths and we were on a different page.

You were on seven thinking we could artificially create a heaven,

While I was on nine hoping to reach the cloud people said was sublime. 

When we came together we seemed to not click,

Here the relationship seemed to get sick. 
What once used to be words of passion, 

Now began to whip a storm of destruction. 

We were like a hot and cold front about to collide

Wondering if this would be the time a tornado would break the divide-

Where its velocities would rampage the foundation we built

While leaving us only feeling an emotion called guilt. 
This pattern continued for numerous days,

Until I realized something within your gaze.

Peering into your eyes was like the calm before the storm,

A brief reprieve before havoc’s dance would perform. 

But now I’m ready to look beyond it, pick up the pieces that once formed me,

Begin to find the person before this calamity. 


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