Morning Before Monday

Just realized that this month is national poetry month! I’m a little behind but feels good to get back into the groove of writing.


Morning Before Monday


The sounds of Maroon Five’s consonances

coupled with the sun’s serenity washes over me.

A timid melodic breeze awakens the leaves outside,

which tells me that I too am awake and alive.

The image I see through my window fills me with a sense

of peace and solitude that someone loves but will never have.


In a moment my mind will remind me of obligations

that I have yet to oblige to despite having days to do it.

Shortly after, a quiet melody will force me to pick up my phone

and check my email filled with verbiage and deadlines.

When I go to wash my face, the cold water will stimulate

my pores and cells that will remove my tranquility.


For now though, I lie awake and stare at the ceiling.

Staring at its cream color, I dream of a day where

I can forever be on cloud nine and relinquish my strain.

Right now, it is the morning before Monday and I rise.

A point in life where stability is no longer a foreign word-

oh how wonderful would that be in my dictionary.


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