Midnight Melody


Across the table sits a lady without compare.

To try to put her into words is just unfair.

To theorize how her vibrant hair flows in the evening breeze

would be impossible to quantify for Einstein or Socrates.

How she chose me I still don’t understand—

a goddess with a peasant makes this all the more grand.

Let me cut the grandiose and over the top talk

and describe to you my emotions from deep in my heart.

How lovely it is to find a woman who’s both pure in body and mind,

but what’s even more is to have a woman who’s so Ginuwine.

You’ve come into my life and made all the difference—

may this poem and love I’ll show give these orations credence.

A novel of your beauty would not do you justice,

a volume of poetry would barely scratch the surface.

The way you wish to question the tests of time,

let us use every second to recognize how life is sublime.

Along life’s jet streams let us glide within each other’s arms—

discover the world knowing that home is always within the other’s palm.

To be honest, any time spent with you is simply grand,

because I know when the heavens sent you they muttered “hot damn.”

Whenever I look into your eyes I mutter the same phrase…

Because honestly without you life would not be the same.


2 thoughts on “Midnight Melody

  1. Hey! We met at the open house and I followed your blog (: Your writing is awesome and maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to share it ((: nice meeting you – Navya

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