Monday Morning

The melody of Donnie Trumpet lifts me

out of my heavy, needed slumber,

I inhale the familiar scent of paper to realize

my textbook shielded my face from morning rays.

As my eyes adjust, the room becomes clear.


The fall air is light and crisp in my room

due to the slits between my windowsills.

To my left, pencil lead is smeared on my water cup

while numerous charging cords caress my bed.

My phone says 100 but my body feels at fifty.


Across the room are scattered papers with numbers,

molecules, calculations, and scribbled articles.

On the TV stand sits a GameCube controller,

white and clean unlike my blistered brown hands.

The bench slowly creaks as a gust of wind passes through.


Slowly, I dangle my legs over the mattress.

A light peach color scatters through the window

as soft hums of the second alarm break the morning silence.

Once my feet touch the frigid floor, I sit in my chair

and let the sounds of the computer fill the air.


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