It feels like I’m floating inches above the ground.

My hair is quite stiff, right eye still twitching,

Sclera as red as the coke can by my bed.

The leather of my chair now sticks to my skin.


I procrastinated… Well not entirely.

The 0.7 lead lining of my desk shows I’ve tried.

My agenda is covered in colored checkmarks

while the printer prints my paper for the project.


An explicative leaves my mouth.

As I was packing my breakfast burned

and left me with charcoaled toast.

Maybe all I need is more caffeine.


How does school expect us to study,

work a job, exercise, sleep, and be social?

What if I’m not cut out.. Ah what am I saying?

I’ve pulled an all nighter– I can do anything!




4 thoughts on “All-Nighter

  1. If uni taught me anything, it was that the ‘maybe’ in the second to last stanza should always be replaced with “undoubtedly,” “unquestionably,” “By God,” etc… ๐Ÿ™‚

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