To you

Now this ain’t no shy love song from afar

Because it’s the stuff Ima say to you in your car

Right after the first date when we both realize us that this must have been fate

When I see you I forget about the past

Emotions running high my heart starts beating kinda fast

My mind going up and down like a roller coaster 

I wanna feel you on my waist like a holster.

I’m sorry, that’s moving too quickly 

I wanna get to know you and understand all your history.

And if you wanna test if our chemistry is compatible 

With your curves I’ll ACS you and score the 100th percentile

You say you want a present, nah I’m gonna get you a kingdom 

That’ll only keep growing like a mushroom from Nintendo

I know my name ain’t Mario but baby let me love you.

With all the beauty in the world there isn’t a masterpiece like you. 

Because every time I spend just a moment in your eyes 

It feels like I’ve felt the love of a lifetime. 


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