Finally back with a poem! Also, a lot of poems will now have a YouTube video of the poem accompanied with it! This poem goes out to the college undergraduates from May.


The traffic light I come to at the four-way

intersection quickly changes to green—

just as it did months ago. Crossing over,

I am taken back once again by your landscape.

As I start walking up the hill, my mind’s memories

begin to mandate my motions seamlessly.


Your sweet aroma after a short shower

cleanses the ground that surrounds the scenery.

Beneath the oaks that line these sidewalks

the leaves twirl in a tango that thrill my tired eyes.

Each step rejuvenates me as my sole reconnects

with the earth it once traversed daily.


As I make a left towards the center,

the small daisies have been replaced

with vibrant orchids that glow brighter than

tanzanite. The old skids on the pavement

are now beneath a peach-white coat of paint

that conceals the scars and memoirs it still holds.


Further down the path, the sound of water crashing

brings me back to the first time I saw the fountain start.

The clear droplets of water twinkle in the sunlight

and caress my hands as it did three years ago.

From its pool new lilies and English ivy sprouted

just as the hopes and dreams of those who once flowed here.


In the center I am now surrounded by faces I don’t know.

Although I feel connected to the land, I feel like I do not belong.

Each breath of familiar air fills me with a frenzy of passion,

but also with a sense of anxiety—as if I am floating away

on the very same winds that gave me a sense of direction.

I take one last lap around the area and walk back…


Thankful to see you once again.


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