Closer to My Dreams

You know me and Ronde used to talk about this kind of stuff all the time like…

What it would be like to get closer to your dreams.

I ain’t know much then, but I probably could tell you a little something now


They used to call me Mr. Big Dream

An idealist who used to be blind to reality

Who believed that he could achieve all of his fantasies.

Well if this is a dream, then dammit this is my inception

because now I’m starting to feel I’m hitting all of my fruitions.

It’s amazing how fast time flies by

Used to be in IB saying Lord help me survive

I really don’t want to go and get a 9-5

because I believe we were born to do more than just go to work and die.

We have the capacity to do anything that we believe

yet the government still wishes to keep us under their siege

How can anyone work 40+ hours and live in poverty

system is rigged like this was some Orwellian theory.


I’m sorry, I know shouldn’t be so pessimistic

But most people look at me like I’m a pest who’s different,

judging me like a book by it’s cover

yet don’t know this book could be Barnes and Noble’s next best seller.

Don’t have to lie I still see it in their corporate eyes that I’m

An immigrant who’s come to simply damage their lives

Really I could care less about what they think

I’m gonna grind so I can finally have some money in the bank.

We’ve gone from getting a McChicken with cheese

to being able to get a Cookout Tray with a huge sweet tea.

We finally gonna get a degree to hopefully set us free

and fly amongst the stars we used to tell our dreams.


Closer to my dreams, I’m getting higher, mmmm, I can feel it in my sleep.


People from high school and college starting families and making money

while I’m still here spending all of my time studying.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s really worth it

I mean I’m twenty-two I should be out and not always workin.

I didn’t realize it before but it’s the education

That’ll help prevent us from being poor.

People in other places would kill for this opportunity

and yet all I can do is complain about biology and chemistry?

C’mon man how I could be so idiotic,

that’s an idiosyncrasy of a thought especially for us scholars.

Yeah sometimes everyone makes an error with so much at stake

but how can you be great without learning from your mistakes.


Last thing I gotta say is love is something that I still hope to one day learn

I wanna feel it up close without the fear that I’ll get burned

It seems at times that cuts really are the deepest

Especially because your soul becomes someone else’s secret.

Do you need a moment? I do

I may seem confident but sometimes talking to women gets me dizzy

because all I can think is how is she so damn pretty.

Meeting someone who can make feel at peace in her eyes

that’s a dream that every day gets me mesmerized.

Love nowadays seems to be more of a game,

I dream that I will get to meet a woman casually and through dinner,

where we could get stronger, better, all this together.

But all of these things come in due time

It’ll take longer than nine months as I walk lucid

with my soul through countless seams

so I can continue to get closer to my dreams.


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