First Night

Last night was the time

I saw your eyes twinkle

like when rain droplets

refract the LED lights

I believed could mimic the stars.


The smile on your face as I slowly

held your hand was like a shot of

ecstasy- a feeling that made me as limp

as the spaghetti we shared together

underneath the incandescent glow of candlelight.


Amongst the whispers of the embers,

underneath the protection of your satin sheets,

let’s learn of each other’s dreams and aspirations.

With permission and your benediction,

I’ll caress you as my inception appears in your eyes.


Only through learning what peaks your mind

will I be able to show you that love

is what truly invented intimacy and passion

as we proceed to engage in acts that

are better left to be said through actions.


baby I know it’s just the first night,

and love takes time to develop.

but I wanna move us up on the grading scale

from flirting to dating to cuddling to bathing to absolutely amazing.

I want to build something that’s meant to last so we may know that happiness is always within each other’s grasp.


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