Towards Reality

I had the opportunity to perform at this spoken word competition called DreamSpeak. It was based on the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday. This is what I felt I had to say.

I remember when my grandparents told me the day

that they were excited to hear how MLK

brought change to a nation that was in danger,

and let freedom ring to all those of color.

It seemed that now anyone could do as they please

without having a superior to appease

as if we were all servants to someone

based on our amount of melanin.


I remember when I was eight in a room

full of people of all diversities when we saw the news.

That someone of my color had crossed a line

that seemed to create another great divide.

My mother told me to be careful and asked if I was harassed.

I think I was too young to fully understand

until someone next week asked how could you do this.

the only thing I could say was don’t be stupid.


I remember when I was driving with Logan and Oronde,

people I consider family to be careful while driving.

They said if we get pulled aside, it’s over for all three of us,

that is when I realized, the government is who I distrust.

See, MLK had a dream where we could all join hands in peace,

but now we are divided and dying what seems like every week.

What was once a nation full of opportunity and glory,

is now a nation full of paranoia and calamity.


Pardon my informality, but it sucks when I look outside

and it is as if I’m alive in nineteen sixty-five.

That’s a problem.

Or how we’ve got little kids packing up their belongings

because they say the police are gonna come and take her. daddy, and mommy.

That’s a problem.

Or how parents don’t let their children go outside and explore

because it could actually be the last time they walk out the door.

That’s a problem.

Or how the upper class raps the Black Album saying they’ve got 99 problems

and are pointing their fingers at every single one of us.

That’s an infuriating problem.






These are problems that should be fixed,

No. Should not even exist.

MLK had a dream, where we could call each other brother and sister,

where we could get together and join hands at dinner.

Where the only sounds from the television are smooth melodies

filled with conversation and people saying “hey, can I get the recipe?”

Honestly I’m done saying RIP to fallen brethren

but ready to RSVP to people’s graduations.


I’m ready to play that 09 Drake and say congratulations.

Ready to see the sun shine the evergreen grass.

Where we can say thank God almighty I’m free at last.

That’s the dream I think we should all strive towards.

These changes can all begin with us.

Where all our dreams don’t stay fantasies.

Where we can grow up in a place where anyone can get a degree,

own a home, make a change, and even start a family.

Let’s be the generation that finally brings peace.

MLK had a dream, and it can be accomplished if we make it a reality.



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