FINALLY got a recording done of a poem! Performed this at the Mercer Masala Diwali festival. Also, downloadable if you really love it:) Let me know if there were any lines or parts that you loved!


Look up at the stars, I realize I’m a tiny individual

Minuscule in life’s pool, lost, only got a small residual

They say that life is easy if you squeeze it

But you’re never free just always being beaten

I know how what it feels like to always fall

Always keeled changing colors, never green

Would be easy to just smoke some and release

Temporary peace, raising high like yeast

Keep it going no worries until the morning

Because you soaring and feel like nothin is boring, but glowing

Take it as you wish, won’t be flowing any longer

Eventually it’ll shock you like Blanka, feel stronger?

Hm, it’s easy to run away and escape reality

But that’s a mere fantasy for the surrounding calamity

Why don’t you take it as it is? It won’t hurt

Daily prescription just gotta take the submission

Yeah I’m talking literal, ladies not talking physical

Talking about life, thing we don’t take so spiritual

Don’t even worry about being ethical but spiteful

All we do is talk about others

Like ooooh she think she great or he’s never getting laid

Then go around and say something else

Do we have to be fake?!

Whatever happened to loving each day

Or to file memory’s every paper, doing some little capers, savoring every flavor

Like this pound of food for thought, 15 if you’re a freshman

Let it marinate, sedate so you can see straight

It’s time we gotta adjust so we don’t bust

Learn to love instead of lust

We say it’s mind over matter

But how can we do mind over emotion

And break free of all our inner commotions, temporary explosions

Yearning for some devotion, and constant locomotion


Yeah I’m a hypocrite for not doing what I said above

But I’m only human and we aren’t perfect, but insanity

Struggling to overcome all of these changes around me

Let it go…

Break free of all these chambers that are lain and forget appeasement

Live freely and go about with the seasons that have reasons to change

Karma’s a trip, with no travel agent in mind

But can be mended to fit all your desires

The love that we so desire

The dreams that we so aspire

The friends that won’t be liars

All we gotta do is learn from our mistakes

And use it to possibly change

Maybe change is good. Maybe…

Change is like the grape from the sweetest vine

A wine that gets better with time

A way to improve every rhyme

Or one’s design and mind that they can call mine

So that you don’t have to cry and think it’s best to die

But that it’s best to stay alive and rise up to live in sublime

I say all these things so that we can actually soar

But sometimes it’s best to just let it all


Photo in picture credit to AZN36 photography. Had to crop original though to fit soundcloud file:p

Also have a facebook page “Crestfallen Leaf” where I update first. If you love what I have to offer I’d really appreciate it if you like the page:)

Alright I’m done rambling haha



2 thoughts on “Pour

  1. Dear Crestfallen Leaf,
    I love your poetry beyond belief
    Your words exude love, comfort, sweet relief
    For this young old soul now battling disease
    Awaiting Mother Mary’s soft whisper, “Let It Be”
    Bringing a whole new meaning to carpe diem, seize.

    I ruminate over the line “Let it marinate”
    Running down the dream, only to find
    “Karma’s a trip, with no travel agent in mind”
    And this, my desperate attempt to answer you in kind.
    Maybe just one last trip, for old times’ sake
    Niagara, Superior, Victoria Lake
    “But the sea is wide and I cannot swim over
    Nor have I the wings to fly.”

    Still might I fashion, from my imagination,
    Destinations just over that horizon.
    Chocolate on your pillow, a room with a view
    Through my mind’s eye
    I glimpse Scarborough, Innisfree, Xanadu.

    “Take the wave now and know that you’re free.
    Turn your back on the land, face the sea.
    And in due time, I will forge
    A bridge over troubled water
    to lead you back home.”
    Full circle on this accidental poem.

    È la fede che
    Hai acceso in noi
    Sento che ci salverà.

    1. Gosh I’m smiling ear to ear:D I loved your poem above and all your references and the change in language at the end. Warms my heart to know people really appreciate my poetry:) I hope all is well with you and that each day is filled with joy.
      Thanks again for the kind words, made my week! 🙂

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