For all the college seniors out there.
I wanna tell you that right now I’m stressed.

I know the end is near, and I can soon rest.

This isn’t something new, I’ve been through

it before. But I’m already twenty-two,

about to get a degree that doesn’t ease my fear

that I could be screwing up after four years.
They always tell me that everything’ll be fine.

Please stop saying the aforementioned paradigm!

You don’t know what’s going on, the struggle 

that has nearly made me buckle 

beneath the pressure that could make carbon diamonds,

the struggle that has left my mentality blinded.
To be honest though, the positivity 

is uplifting as the negativity swells around me. 

They say hope is the most irrational thing,

but at this moment it’s what’s keeping me sane.

Because I hope that things get better sooner than later,

as I am surrounded by a pile of lifeless papers.




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