Over time

Golden colored petals twirl onto the cool
asphalt that pushes against my tennis shoes.
The crisp autumn breeze kisses me on my cheek
as I walk over to my dusty, steel blue car
that glimmers beneath the fiery colored sky.
When I walk over up to the door, I notice my eyes droop,
completely unlike the guy I see running passionately
across the same wooden ramp I so long ago traversed.
For a moment we meet eyes and he instantly
flies away with the next gliding leaf.

I open my car and a whiff of pizza excites my core.
At the home to my right, I see another guy
eating pizza and looking at the TV screen.
The same one I used to go to for relaxation
after numerous nights of tribulations.
His mouth is ripe with tense emotion.
I sit down on the smooth seats
as I close my eyes and lean back,
each strand of hair weighing me
farther back into its interior.

The sound of my bass as I turn on music
vibrates my vertebrae as it then moves into
my ear soothing it with smooth melodies.
I feel truly alive as the beat pulses in rhythm
with my heart. Each note going into my chamber,
culminating every inch of my capillaries
and accentuating my arteries.
I don’t open my eyes to see myself reminiscing.
Rather, I smile at the memories
that have made me love reality.




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