Alternate State

I sit and sip from this shining  two ounce glass that sits on 

the plastic wooden table.

It has been a good number of

glasses as I now am transported

into an alternate mind state. 

No my eyes are not glowing 

Which means I’m not the avatar. 

That makes me a little sad because

I’d love to bend the elements to my will.

I would love to create a fire that would rival the heat of a supernova 

Flow like a river on a full moon 

Take flight into the sky like an air nomad

Or bend the earth to my disposition. 

I hope what I’m writing is making sense 

because this would be awkward 

if it did not. A night out with friends 

Now concludes at the magical realm known as Waffle House. 

Moral of this? Waffles are amazing 



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