I walk up to the brick building 

with its transparent, dusty windows.

Little sparking gems of dew 

cover the grass around the place 

I once called home. As I slowly walk

closer to the entrance, a crisp 

breeze blows by me the melodies

of all my memories. To the left

of the sidewalk is the same

old oak tree that provides shade 

to the bench where I first 

revealed my love for poetry to

musicians who shared a love for that arts;

a renaissance of sorts we played into

the day- a time where life

seemed carefree. I breathe 

a sigh of nostalgia as I walk 

up to the door had notice

a reflection of my former self

staring back at me as if

saying that my cherry smile,

positive outlook and love for life

will always live deep within 

the crevices of my weary soul. 



3 thoughts on “Dorm

  1. dope, my courses start in 3 weeks, I am almost relieved to go home and end my summer off. just posted my last poem challenge, thanks for that. weary souls make the best humans.

      1. have fun! and enjoy that, I’ve no clue what I’m going to do with the rest of my life; I’d been positive that psychology was it, but after 16 years…back at it. I’ve decided to grow up to be an activist and mortician, which actually pays less! congrats on being so close to the next step!

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