Family Benediction

As the ruby red hues bathed

the celadon grass the young girl

playfully watered, she heard

the rough engine of her father’s

two thousand and five Ford pull into

the eroded, arid driveway.

Her mother, with a smile still full

of life despite the wrinkles of stress,

swiftly opened the maple wood gate.

Her husband stood with a letter

in hand that read his name.

Dark emerald colored pieces of paper

appeared in the translucent envelope

that held the original place of the letter.

The father sat down and began to weep

tears of joy. Without a word,

the young girl came and started cradling his

head as if the spirit of Gaia

resided within her.

photo (17)credit to


2 thoughts on “Family Benediction

  1. I like this, a lot. I posted day two of the challenge and want to thank you again. very inspiring, you and this challenge, mad love to whoever started it. I’m not sure if we “follow” each other on my other site, it’s, but that’s where I started reading your poetry at. thanks poet.

    1. thank you so much. the compliment means a lot! And I agree, props to the person who started this challenge. I don’t think we do but I will go check it out now!
      Thanks to you too and I look forward to reading more of your poetry!

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