You fill me with rhapsodies

of ecstatic endearment.

The energy I receive from your eyes

rivals that of the deity Sulis.

Your voice comprises of the sweetest sounds

not even Mozart could have composed.

Every syllable tantalizes

the very inner core of my being-

ignites a fire within every

particle in my body.

God must have blessed you

twice with a face like yours in which

Purity’s aura radiates the world that we all live in.

Every lock of your hair is

the definition of perfection.

It is awe-inspiring what you are able to do.

Each time you speak and light

up it feels that the day

just got brighter.

All I want to ask you is that

you keep on smiling, because

you may make someone’s day

just like you have mine.


7 thoughts on “Countenance

  1. So pleased you stopped by Jemverse and left a comment. Because without that I might not have found your wonderful blog and these exquisite captures of life in words. As you have followed so I am now following. Big smiles.

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