The Rise

I put my bag onto my back that seems to bear

the weight of ten cinderblocks-

each for the hour I have yet to just relax,

or eat a cool juicy slice of watermelon

to chill my blistered blazing body.

The sun’s rays pierce my tired eyes

that haven’t had the chance to moisten

my pressured pulsing pupils.

Another long day completed as my worn out calluses

trot along the simmering sidewalk.

At this moment, at the peak of

the day on a humid July afternoon

it feels as if I am walking in Hell itself;

but I wouldn’t trade it in for anything.

I know that I must go through Hell

to reach a Heaven, to reach

a pinnacle of success higher than Everest

so I can understand what it means to make it.

People say that the obstacles have

imprisoned me more than Bowser has Peach

but I’ve the combination to open any door,

unlock the paths I know will lead me to paradise.

I don’t need no pair of dice or gamble; I’m focused.

Others tell me to sleep but I’d rather

dream lucid, create my own inception

of a brand new day void of despair

without any rife turmoil

so that I may breathe in air

that makes it seem I live on Cloud Nine,

filled in an ambience that is divine.

It matters not if I work one month straight,

none of it will be in vain

because there may be some strife

as you go through life,

but there will be no sorrow

if we fight for a better tomorrow.

It’s been awhile y’all, research has been busy. But I will try to upload a lot more now to make up for my slacking on the blog! 🙂

Let me know what you all think! I’d love to hear comments or feedback:)

Got it recorded as well!


2 thoughts on “The Rise

  1. I love the determination in this! Always aim for a higher place even if it seems impossible. I remember thinking at age five tying shoe laces was going to be impossible – haha…what did I know?! Pretty much nothing is impossible if we think it’s possible we can obtain it – one day. 🙂

    1. Thanks! And you are so right. We always gotta give it our all and try to achieve our dreams!
      Haha, oh I know what you mean! Laces were hard for me:p
      Thanks for the wonderful comment:)

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