After Hours

Trying to be consistent with my posting. Included with the poem is a recording of it I did myself! Check it out and let me know what you think! Share it with others as well if you’d like:)

Sitting alone at night can be lonely,

yet strangely appealing and alluring.

For numerous individuals, when the sun goes down

they come alive with a fury of energy,

emitting passion and soulfulness.

It is a time where there is a balance,

overcome by a force where everything is equal—

Newton’s third law for my physics folks.

Romances occur, whether it is with that

individual who fills you with a fiery frenzy

after every fortnight;

or with someone that keeps a tender flame

constantly ablaze in every chamber of your heart.

Every vein in your system,

every cell in your body which fills you

with a daily dose of dopamine.

Oh goodness is it great to be alive

living life amidst the street and car

lights, constellations, and cool night breezes.

How special it is to be in tune with other

flocks of night owls soaking it all in.

For others, it is a time of tranquility,

when all seems to slow down for a few hours

underneath a blanket at home binging Netflix

or surfing away on the Internet.

Whether it be alone, with someone you love,

or some delicious delectable food

(ladies, you can take a night off).

It can also be a time where a student can sit down,

study, and just have time to unwind and feel alive

amongst a warm desk lamp, music, and peace.

Me? Well I guess I’m somewhere

in the middle, pardon the cliché,

just going with the wind. What I love most

is that the night is perfect for all occasions,

whether it be a party and releasing all my intuitions,

or sitting down pondering life decisions.

Whatever it is I’m just glad that it’s a time where we’re free,

and can just take a step back and fall into serenity.

After Hours picture


7 thoughts on “After Hours

      1. No, thank you! I’m excited that you found my blog and gave me the opportunity to experience your beautiful work!

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