Waiting to tutor during a summer storm

Rain poured outside creating a static

noise inside the academic center

as I sat in the middle of the vacant,

silent open room on a Tuesday evening.

There may have well been a monsoon outside

while I casually laid back in my chair.

Too often do I get caught up in my daily

affairs that I forget to enjoy downtime.

I close my eyes as the downpour creates

a makeshift waterfall outside the metal double doors,

releasing all of nature’s energy on the barrier

that protects me from heaven’s torrential tears.

Yet, I would not mind running through the rain,

letting cool droplets caress over my warm body,

soaking into my black curly hair,

washing me with dense drizzles amidst the city—

allowing my soul to revel in nature’s purest

action, deluging me in sweet sensations.

I open my eyes to the pearl white

radiating from my computer. Outside

the rain continues, reflecting a pearlescent

luminescence on the glass. No one has arrived.

Quickly, I walk over the soft, polka dot carpet

to run into the rain that has kept people away.


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