Standing at the Board

Evening everyone,

Goodness, it has been almost a year since I last posted on here. I was doing well (I think) in posting before I fell off haha. Anyways, a lot has changed in a year! I really feel like over the past year I have found myself and who I am along with really have a grip on things. I have found a steady part-time job during school as a supplemental instructor and tutor, and have delved more lately into medical school stuff, the Clifton Chronicles told by Jeffrey Archer  (amazing author) and lots more music and some video games. Anyways, following poem is sort of a way to get back into writing and is about an insight into my time as a supplemental instructor. Hope you all enjoy! 🙂 let me know what you think!

The sun slipped its golden rays of life

into the classroom as I set my forest green

backpack onto the ground. It was six.

It was the first time that I would be

reviewing for an exam. All of the students

stared at me, pupils widening as I relaxed.

Albeit being two years older, it felt slightly odd

being a supplemental instructor. No fear,

they must feel that they can succeed.

Across the room my eyes meet a restless girl’s.

Her tangled brunette hair indicated

that she may not have slept… in awhile.

Another girl’s eyes were a glazed olive,

as she stared at the white board covered

in three words: FIRST EXAM TOMORROW.

I recalled when I was preparing for my first

college chemistry exam. I was excited.

I knew that I had to inspire them.

How do we all feel? Good? Nervous?

A wave of sighs and shivers shook the room.

By the end of this let’s try and be capable—


capable of conquering all chemistry equations,

identifying each ion correctly.

so that you all may bloom more vividly than a larkspur.


This is just the beginning to be that doctor,

that pharmacist. that global health advocate,

oh and of course that gen ed credit!

Small smiles filled their now bright faces.

The first wave of questions and board work began

as a sense of comfort grew in their mind and mine.


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