Throwback poem to high school. Performed at a benefit concert.
Recorded on my soundcloud for those that would like to listen:


There exist those that live to destroy you
To cause disillusions and many contusions
Just to snap, crack, your precious dreams.
To melt and let them slip through countless seams.

Why is that? Why does this hate run rampant?
Like singing lava from a volcano
Seeking to rot dreams and make them stagnant
Killing individualism, not new and pure like snow… flakes.

With this, people run awry and cry in these lies
Spinning in a hurricane of tense emotions
Filled with fiery explosions of lost devotion.
Hurt, as personalities are stolen like spies.
Treacherous fools!
To think they can douse these innovative tools.

Why? Why?

Rather than stop it, I love this.
I crave it like milk chocolate on a sweet tooth.
I love the attacks and put downs.
I love it like drugs to an addict.
Or storage for a lax attic.
Just to make it seem like I’ll frown.

But, it is their sweet destruction that raises my disposition!
Strengthens my mind’s coalition to increase my great ambition.
Every dent in my armor further pushes me to go father.
Hatred, how I just love it so!
The more that comes, the more this light of mine will glow!
So want to hate? Come here and see who gets bothered!


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