In Atlanta, life seems to never stop.
There’s the night life and yelling of people
as they wander aimlessly like lost pets
in their daily lives to be the top dog.

Go, slave like bees to serve a higher power—
One that’s not transparent like Emerson’s eye,
but opaque, a ruthless storm that creates these
tears that can only cause pain and disarray.

But in this golf course, there is nothing crestfallen.
Here, one can relax by walking in smooth green fields
where the trees are mothers that offer protection—
where the wind sings songs that can only be happy.

It is here where one can find solace.
It is here where one can find pure peace.

In this realm, stress is nonexistent.
Being free is flying like flower petals
Where success is achieved by loving to breathe
the fresh air that is of the sweetest fragrance.

Here rings the Liberty Bell.
Here, one can say all is well

Come outside and let your spirit guide you.
This calm dream you will always want to know
as you lay down and let your mind go.


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