A poem published in my school’s literary magazine last year. I wrote this after a conversation with a girl who talked about women being mistreated. I wrote this in response. Hope you all enjoy.





Word on the street is something different.

A conflagration sweeping nations.

What seems today to be a requirement,

for a litigation to man’s celebration

into becoming a man who’s proud and

ahead in today’s unforgiving crowds


What is it that is being heard?

Something too familiar to the ears

that causes boys to have some fears

to be unable to rank higher in their herd.


Pardon the crude reference males,

but isn’t it odd how we search in packs

meticulously like wolves for girls to rack-

To show skill and power and use it to impale

against other males who fail to sail the same trail-

who would rather settle down and exhale?


They say chivalry is dead, outdated…

And that you’re only a man if you can play it.

“It?” you mean females,

those beauteous suns that shine like angels?

Nowadays, nothing seems to be pure of heart-

that to be popular is to be able to “play the game,”

rather than making connections or treating others like art.


Girls would dream of sweet soliloquies and fantasies

of a man who sweep her off her feet-

would treat her like a queen with feelings.


Where pairs could just focus on each other,

and all would disappear like sunlight.

Where the world would be covered

not in darkness, but a serene night


Donde los corazones formaron oraciones,

cuando cada momento, abrazo fueron especial.

Donde cada beso creyó fuegos en el cerebro.

Cuando esa mujer estaba en sus sueños a cada momento.


Now however! Instead of I love you,

It’s hey, “what are we gonna do?”

Or when girls ask “Do you love me?”

Guys say, “I love how you please me”


But you know what?!


There are those that aren’t afraid to be gentleman!

There are those who believe they chivalry isn’t dead!

There are those who know beauty comes from within!

There are those that true love comes from passion!


Guys, it’s cool if you don’t want to be a player,

you are popular in your own sense and clique.

It doesn’t make you a social prick

if you know to treat women with respect



You should never be called something inappropriate!

Unless it’s what some find odd to say like beauteous

graceful, stunning, intelligent, soulful, beautiful, faithful.

You are perfection like a marksman’s precision

filled with beauty that no one can imprison


Word on the street is something different,

but hey, this is just my definition.


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