She told me to talk nerdy to her

I started to write this poem over a year ago, and decided to finish it. Tried to make sense of some things, but hopefully it’s enjoyable!

She told me to talk nerdy to her


Goodness, girl you must be one extraordinary anomaly!

Because you definitely don’t follow the laws of biology and chemistry.

When I look at you, I get the greatest change in enthalpy.

Like from a solid to a gas, you fill me with energy and high entropy.

No way you can ever be traced with a simple phylogeny

since no goddess or woman is as fair in any species or countless evolutionaries.

Speaking of habitats and goddesses, is heaven your biome?

Because everybody from Salus to Laruna is green with jealousy in Rome.


If I was Mario, I would jump through volcanic fire pits,

dodging hits with acrobatic flips—an eagle in drift I’d clear the mist for a kiss on your lips.

Your voice could easily be number one on music’s greatest hits.

A tryst with you is all that exists on my risky bucket list.

If we’re talking idols in history, than you’re my cult of personality, no Stalin.

I would never die or go missing. I would heal all your problems call me Rasputin.

Hm, this poem seems to be taking a kind of tone that’s creepy.

Oh, you dislike rhyming? Then I got sixteen that’s a little more free.


Maybe that metaphor was kind of a stretch, but our love’s timeless.

Has no bounds that elastic potential energy could compute.

Hopefully what I said is correct, or this is embarrassing.

Almost as bad as one saying “soy embarazada” the first

day in Spanish class. Pero no te preocupes, no hablo

como así. Podemos empezar un amor que brilla

con más intensidad del sol. Nuestro amor tendría

la fuerza que rivaliza el amor en Rosalinda.


I could write a novel of a woman with such stature and poise

with such a wondrous, immaculate mind. You would be the main theme,

motif, and symbol for all that’s perfect. That’s no hyperbole.

It would take a whole volume of poetry for poets to try

to portray a picture of your dazzling frame. I only just hope

that when you read this, you think of me, as I try to get to you—

jumping over cliffs, running through fields, dancing in random rain

so I can hold you and say I love you, like a Bollywood movie.



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