No worries, I’ll stay hot like a comet.

As the other team preys on him like wolves,

they fail to prevent another shot

on this blacktop in the heart of New York.


It’s a Saturday night, and the whole team’s

unable to step up and simply score.

Sure, he could try and be the MVP—

Most Vocalized Patron on the lit street


or, for their sake, Most Venomous Patrón,

like the one he helped remove from his friend.

Or, like in a dream where he helped her see

Claratin clear by being her strong voice.


To come up clutch, is it worth being hero?

Just like that time he cured his team’s tensions?

Here again, they wait for him to react.

His limelight, can he again just do right?


Sweat crashes down like mighty waterfalls.

He puts them on his back, enough weight to

cause hernias inside his cranium

to put him in a sanatorium.


He flares up, fireworks of emotions,

heart racing, tension building, they need him.

As their faces appear, desperate, the

ball hits his hand. He breathes, and rises…


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