A New Light

A New Light


It’s hard to face conflicts that cause fear within him,

riling him up like fights in the dark alleys

of Detroit after the Pacers have come to town,

or have him aghast in the grasp of the reaper.

He runs, but can’t escape the nightmares tonight.

He struggles in this schizophrenic scenery.


He gets dressed, walks outside, only to realize

that this twisted fantasy is reality—

Disney Land gone wrong where chaos is the forecast

with blood shot eyes and cries of despair in the air.

He tries to fly like Peter Pan to Neverland….

He wakes up, breathing as if he was just drowning.


As he dries the sweat saltier than the Dead Sea,

he looks at himself in the brand new mirror

that hangs on the ashy white door of his bedroom.

He quickly puts on his sweats and Mercer hoodie,

walks out into the crisp night air filled with silence.

He must see if what people have told him are true.


He walks, enters the village, glimmering tonight

under the moon with its luminescent buildings.

Wow. There were no scrimmages or constant sirens,

but a symbol of the positive change around

with still higher ambition in mind.

Why is it that people could not see improvement?


Such improvement is the sweetest milk chocolate

that melts away the negative hunger to let

one expand their peripheral like palpebral

just like the people who call this town their pride, joy,

and solely wish to see its growth, apical that is

for this flower can grow from the rubble below.


He breathes, and takes one last look as he walks back home.

Like a photo, the village stands still, awaiting

the sun to come up for another day, a new

light. How will the people work? Will it be better?

He walks past the construction and stops before the door.

Love, he says, things change, but love it! as the door shuts.


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