Becoming a Zebrafish Extract

From the perspective of a zebrafish

Becoming a Zebrafish Extract


The constant humming of my surroundings

filled the white, square room I stayed

in as footsteps began pacing past the parlor.


Strong air from above gave the room a cool

frigid sensation like chewing a peppermint,

until the bright light from outside seeped in.


Moments later, it seemed I was singing,

everything was hot and changing

as if the fire nation had just attacked.


My eyes became blurry, the room was

spinning while two giants towered over

my naked, frigid pale wet body… staring.


I knew what was happening. They

were going to change me,

mold me like some raw clay


into something they could find useful.

I didn’t think changing would mean

losing parts of yourself to someone else.


I looked at my reflection in the glass,

wondering who I was going to be,

what I was going to become.


Hovering with its hard, clenched fist

was the iron piston, waiting to create

someone I will never get to see.


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