Poem: Letter that I should have sent

We all have that one person we wish we still had contact with…


Letter that I should have sent


I remember when you drove me to your part

of town on that golden glossy warm July day,

when time stopped between the months of college

and the end of high school. We were young, alive.

But most importantly, we were free.


There was no smell of mechanical pencils,

old white hallways, and dirty run-down carpets

that we had to wake up to in the morning.

We finally could feel what comets and birds do-

how it feels to just go with the flow of jet streams.


Your words on that cold phone in the morning

woke me to just ask if I had some time

to just get out and walk amongst the breeze

that you’d say would make my pitch-black brown hair

look even worse, not soft or cute, but rugged.


I may have looked bad but damn were you the exact

opposite. I never got to tell you the words

you were looking to hear. You were more

beautiful that a Latina model

and more sincere than an angel’s voice.


You wanted a kiss that would have made your heart

leap over the stratosphere, feel emotions

that those movies you talked about

took four hours to portray. You wanted

someone to bring you peace instead of mercy.


It’s July again and I find myself

thinking on those deep talks and small fights

that are my fondest memories of our

friendship. I should have given you all of me

to feel what you wanted as I now drive alone.


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