The Media and government are always running rampant in our society. Here’s a piece I wrote concerning the issue.

Recording of the piece:




Here I sit, staring at the ceiling

Fan spinning in a cycle of continuation

Creating pulsations to which prevent insinuations

I lie awake hoping for change or healing

As seasons change like the weather outside

There are those that can’t seek, so they just hide

They act like their laundry and keep spinning

In cycles til what they see seems thrilling

IS this what we’ve come down to?

Aren’t there better things to do?

Excuse me for speaking in metaphors

I fail to see that we can’t think in signs and rhythms

Unless it’s a paradigm that deals with a rim

24 inch that could catch you some wind now like a DJ watch that spin

Is that culture or superiority?

Does that get you family like a fraternity or sorority?

at least it’s better than getting famous off of being

16 and pregnant or pouring bottles of liquor just let our body flicker

Well let it in, let it sink in, swimming pool so you ain’t sore

You say money is what gets the fame?

Nah, But I can teach it call me Maynard Kaynes now listen to what I say

Did that hurt? Sticks and stones may break your bones

But I’ll make sure my words go deep and sting your core

We are a nation governed by media and disgust

Along with music about lust causing those to be filled with rust

Hoping to strut their stuff and gain glory through their bust

Funny how we stive for change yet act deranged

We claim that it’s part of our rights and freedoms

What, to act out and then just act dumb?

Criticize those who rise up like dead poets

Who would rather be different then stay dark and stoic

Maybe speech shouldn’t be free

We speak only during times of big events (the election)

So heated and quick like deep-sea vents

Standing parallel like lines are we people

To show that we can somewhat be equal

Rather, we are more apart like apartheid

Only wishing to burn others like cyanide



I’m up all night like a seven eleven

So if not to create one here, I pray to reach a heaven

Pardon the stereotype

But I’m proud for the work put in to reach a new height

Let me slow it down for those left behind

Like all the children, ain’t no child able to survive




How about, forget about pro-life or pro-choice

But pro-voice so that we may unite and rejoice

Where no child is left behind, but able to reach a new height

That will break any glass ceiling to create a new meaning of believing

Where no one is hungry, but thirsty for a greater life

Free of strife full of flight with a dream that is only bright

Rather than a nation full of devastation

I see a nation full of propagations that will let us think free like an emancipation

A nation that can create sensations for the ages that will cause litigations

So that the country is a cycle not of repetition, but continuous innovation

This is my proclamation


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