Voicemail Message

Ever wondered the purpose of a voicemail message? If people listen? What should we really say? Here’s a poem of what I think I would put on a message if someone called. This comes from a portfolio I have been working on and I hope you all enjoy!


Voicemail Message


I’m not here at the moment,

but I hope that my sweet static

electrical voice can make up for

the absence of my soul that’s left.


Nothing is more lonely than talking

into a speaker with hopes that someone

will put their cool, aluminum phone

up to their warm eats to hear a voice.


They say a man’s breath and final words

count for something, so how’s this?

Will you leave your name and number,

a reason why you’re calling?


Or will you say how you’ve missed me,

want to catch up, ask if I have children,

does the job pay. I just pray I hear this

before the voicemail hangs me up.


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