Letter to a Hometown Friend

As I begin to get settled back in college, I can’t help but think about the good times spent with the people back home. Besides a loving family, those friends are there when you need them and keep things interesting haha. But they also start to mean so much more due to the little time that is available. So, this is a small piece dedicated to those people. 

 ~Letter to a Hometown Friend

Friends come and go but there are those who’ll always be around

I got older, glad you could be there to see these candles

expand, a fire that only blossomed with each passing season

while we went through grueling winters of hardship and break up.

When I went underground, you’d be the star that’d set me free

from crestfallen entities you’d make serendipity.

I know I can be stubborn and idiotic, common

chronic headache to which you would be the tonic.

I owe so much to you, a clue not even Sherlocke

or you for that matter could ever hope to uncover.

You’re sweeter than candy, brighter than a full moon at night,

although we’re miles away, don’t fret, you’ve never left my sight.

I’ll call to promise that we’ll last into eternity—

a friendship expanding endlessly like the galaxy.


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