As many college undergraduates like myself start to pack and move back into our dorms, we can’t help but feel homesick when we first get back and realize how much we love being home.

This bed where I lay is softer than any plush,

a sanctuary where all is right in the world.

My eyes, opening after a wondrous slumber

find that nothing the same since I last woke up.

The white, colored walls are replaced with mocha brown

while the floor beneath me now offers warmth

rather than a chill sensation of good morning.

My mind, still fuzzy, begins to take in the scenery.

I look out and see a light rain with the sound

similar to a stream and not of the hard

knocks I am used to hearing banging at home.

Sleep tries to get me back in bed, but to no avail.

The familiar figures of Pikachu, GameCube,

Mario, my laptop, and the ocean blue bottle

still stand before me, travelers as well to a new home,

yet only give a small taste of what I now yearn for…

Wait… but this is my home right?

Where I belong?

I loved the privacy, yet was eager for companionship,

and now that I had both, it just did not feel right.

Had I grown to love my home more than ever

and now felt like something inside was missing?

I guess one can grow old and fly away yet still

want that feeling of being in a nest.

The distance can grow farther, but the love,

affection, gets stronger like Donne’s Valediction.

The desire to stay home and let time pass

lingers as I walk and hear the floor’s every crack

as if it was past midnight on Christmas Eve,

only not with family and it is seventy degrees.

I reach the sink and splash cool, tingling water on my face.

Time will continue to pass just like the water down the drain,

but I know now to cherish every second, every memory

as I look up to see a man who is about my age.


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